Cold Light Source

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Cold Light Source

24V/150W medical halogen bulb
Dielectric-coating reflector for illuminating
The mechanical luminance-adjustment is easy and comfortable to handle
Be convenient to take


12V/150W xenon lamp, suitable for video endoscope system
High brightness, lowtemperature at the lighting plane

Long working life due to a high-quality importing bulb

Double Output with Main and Auxiliary Illuminations
Main Light Uses High Efficiency Xenon Light, High Lightness, High Color Temperature, Durable
Auxiliary Light Uses High Quality Halogen Light to Swith Real Time to Ensure Clinical Safety

High Color Temperature, True Light Color
High Illumination and Durable in Use
Easily Adjustable Light Source with Stable Output
Over Temperature Protection with Strong Cooling System Equipped with Optimum Cooling
Funnel to Ensure Excellent Cooling Result